Each player is given their own stat section that only they can see. This is where you will be able to see your season totals and game by game breakdowns of private and team seasons. A sample season will appear like this in the personal stats section:

View Season Stats

Adding and editing stats is incredibly easy. It is all done through the same personal stats page. By clicking on the "Add" or "Show Edit" links on each season a form will pop up. If you are adding stats, all the fields will be blank. If you are editing, all fields will be filled with the current data we have for that game. Here is a picture example of this form:

Add/Edit Games

Most players will have a lot more than one season under their belt. We feel the longer you use this web site and add your stats to it, the more valuable it will become for you. At the bottom of every personal stats page is a link to a "Career Stats" section. This section calculates totals for every season you have ever played. You can find out what your batting average is from the time you started playing until now. Are you a career .300 hitter?

Gives Career Stats