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General Questions

How do I add stats for sports other than my inital one?

How can I add additional information to my profile?

Can other people see my stats?

What is the Location for under "Update Personal Options"?

Will you ever share my E-mail address with anyone?

How can I change my name?

When I click on different links nothing happens...

I can't log in to this site and I use AOL

Registration Questions

Do I have to provide my real name, e-mail address and birthday?

I clicked on the link in the e-mail and it says I provided the wrong code

Mobile App Questions

Where can I download the mobile app?

How can I login to the mobile app with my Facebook Connect credentials?

Facebook Connect Questions

I just "Connected" via Facebook Connect, but all my data is missing

What is Facebook Connect?

How do I add my TomorrowsPro stats to my Facebook profile?

Stats Questions

Why can't I edit the date or opposition for some games?

How do I add my Team stats?

My coach put in stats for me, but they are wrong

Where can I find a reference list for all the abbreviations?

How do I score partial innings for Baseball, Softball or Kickball?

Teams Questions

I joined a team and only the newest season was added to my stats

How do I join a team?

What does each access level allow you to do?

Do I lose my stats when I leave a team?

Is a there way that I can input stats for players that forget to do it?

How do I delete a team I created by mistake?

I'm not on the team, but my name shows up in the stats

Graphs Questions

How do I view my individual stats in a graph?

How do I view my team stats in a graph?

Can I add multiple statistics to one graph?

Why do some links disappear when I add additional stats or change options?

What is the difference between "Use Different Scales" and "Use Same Scale"?

Whats is the difference between "Show Team Line" and "Hide Team Line"?

Whats is the difference between "Show Values" and "Hide Values"?

Whats is the difference between "Individual Dates" and "Cumulative"?

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