Privacy Policy

Effective June 10, 2011


TomorrowsPro's main goal is serving you, the customer. In serving you we make sure that your information is always safe. In order to do this in the most efficient manner we only collect the most necessary information from you in order to register for this site. Once you sign up there are places to give us more information about yourself in order for other users to find you easier when searching. If you want to be invited to a team the owner of the team must be able to find you.

Personal Information Collected from You via Forms

When you register we ask you for your Name, E-mail address, and Birthday. This is the minimum personal information you must give us in order to get an account at TomorrowsPro. Since this is the only information we collect from you we allow people of all ages to join. Once on the site there are other places to add more information. Any additional information which includes Address, City, State, Zip Code, School, Height, and Weight may be volunteered by anyone over the age of 13 only. TomorrowsPro also collects information specific to the sports you play such as but not limited to Primary Position, Secondary Position, which hand you throw with, etc.

Information Collected from You by Visiting this Site

By visiting TomorrowsPro your IP Address, Browser Type, Screen Size and pages you visit will be gathered and stored for analyzation purposes. This information is kept completely separate from any information that may be able to identify you individually. It is used to make this site more effective and to serve you better. This may mean shortening the time you need to spend on the site by optimizing links and the flow of the pages. Data collected in this fashion may be given to a third party to help the analyzation process but again, you will not be identified individually by this information. All data is always looked at for total users that did a task not each one individually.

Sports Information

The purpose of TomorrowsPro is to store your sports statistics while computing season and career totals for these statistics. Your sports statistics will always be tied to your name so the site views this as personal information. This personal information however may be published on the web, but will not be searchable through search engines. This will only happen if you decided to set your sharing setting to "Everyone" for personal seasons or if you join a team that decides to make their stats public so maybe a local newspaper can have access to them and things along those lines.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Minor changes that enhance the readability without changing the meaning will take effect immediately. Changes in Policy will go into effect 30 days after this page is updated. Please check this page every 30 days to make sure you are still in agreement with the way we handle your information and privacy. The date on top of this page will let you know the effective date of the current policy.

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