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The team schedule will help you share all of your scheduled games with your team and possibly their parents too. If you enter in the game location's address, your team will have easy access to directions. As games are completed and the results are entered you will see your team's record automatically update along with the box score.

Game Reminders

Each team has the ability to configure game reminders in their team schedule. Reminders for each game can be sent up to 3 times at different intervals and anywhere from 1 hours before game time all the way to 30 days before game time. Each game reminder e-mail will have encrypted links in them so players and parents can RSVP to each game without having to login. On each subsequent game reminder, the player or parent's current status will be included. Other fields in the game reminder include the opposition, the game time, the coach's requested arrival time, the field name and a link to game directions.


Team stats are aggregated by player, by game and by season. If you are more of a visual person, all three stat views can be shown in graphs. Players can even view their stats graph and compare it to the aggregated team stats graph. As more seasons of stats are entered for a particular player, their player profile will include career stats that can be filtered down by game. Team stats are entered and editable by coaches or admins only by default. As each update is made, the player and their parents are e-mailed to let them know that their stats for that game have been updated.


Enter in all of your players and you decide whether to give them access to view the team or not. If sharing is set to Private, only players for which you supplied an e-mail address will have access. Setup the Parent Roster to associate players to parents and give parents access to everything their children have access to.

Team Update E-mails

Each coach or admin has the ability to send e-mail messages to the entire team and their parents. These updates can also be saved on the team page to keep a history of all messages in one place. You can also select specific recipients if all players and parents don't need the update.


Can players see the schedule and the game rosters? Should some of the pages be public so anyone can see them? All of these scenarios can be handled with the granular sharing permissions that come with each team. Choose which groups of the team can see which pages. (Admins/Coaches, Players, Parents, and Public) You can also set private stats sharing so players and parents can only see their stats and not the stats of other players on the team.

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